How It Works: A Step by Step Description of the New Business Sponsorship Program

The New Business Sponsorship Program is a unique new concept. The following step-by-step description helps you understand how it works.

The steps described apply to individuals applying for a sponsorship for themselves, as well as to individuals applying on behalf of nonprofit organizations. See Help For Nonprofits for details.

Step 1

Submit your application, taking the time needed to do it thoroughly.

Step 2

Within five business days, three evaluators from review and score your application using a standard scientific method designed to be objective and fair to all applicants.

Step 3

Within five business days of the application review, sends you an e-mail letting you know if:

  1. you qualified for a Level 1 sponsorship (SBI! subscription) or
  2. you qualified exceptionally for a Level 2 sponsorship (SBI! + eLearning) or
  3. you did not qualify for sponsorship.

Step 4

If you qualified to be sponsored, you send us your acceptance of the sponsorship, along with a signed copy of the related terms and conditions. You're almost a sponsoree!

Step 5

Within two business days of receipt of your signed copy of terms and conditions, sends you an e-mail that:

  1. acknowledges receipt of your acceptance
  2. outlines your performance objectives
  3. links to a page with a recorded welcome message
  4. invites you to the next monthly live welcome webinar
  5. alerts you to an imminent e-mail from SiteSell notifying you that your SBI! subscription account has been set up for you
  6. alerts you to an imminent e-mail from SiteSell notifying you that you have been signed up for an eLearning course (if you qualified for Level 2 sponsoring)

Step 6

Work diligently toward your successful online business.

Step 7

Ten months after the start of your SBI! subscription, sends you a request:

  1. for a self-evaluation of your progress toward your specific performance objectives
  2. to respond within 10 business days

Step 8

Within five business days of receipt of your progress report, sends you an acknowledgement e-mail stating that:

  1. you have not met performance objectives and will not receive a free second year of the SBI! subscription OR
  2. you have met the performance objectives and will receive the free second year, and if so,
  3. you will document your experience (within the first month of the second year subscription and following an easy-to-use template in a story that SiteSell may choose to have appear publicly on the site and use as the basis for related publicity

Step 9

Within 10 business days of receiving the your story, SiteSell tweaks it and sends it back to you for your approval.

Step 10

Within 10 days of receiving your approval,

  1. posts your story to the Web site
  2. notifies contacts within and without SiteSell of the great news

Step 11

You continue working on your successful online business, creating the rewarding and fulfilling life you always dreamed of!

Got questions?

Do you have any questions about the process? Click here to contact us.

Sponsorship or Scholarship?

Sponsorship yes. Scholarship no. Here's the distinction.

A sponsorship is support given by a patron. Just as Puma sponsored Usain Bolt the sprinter before he was Olympic and World champion, we will back potential winners in online business.

A scholarship is financial aid that goes to a scholar because of academic merit. We don't look for or reward academic merit in a person. It's not a factor for us in selecting those we support.

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