Help For Nonprofits

Countless nonprofit community organizations exist to help change the lives of the disadvantaged, many of whom are aspiring entrepreneurs that want to make that life-change by establishing and growing their own businesses. wants to help YOUR nonprofit organization! With an online presence that really works and that you control yourself, you'll be more effective, by reaching and helping more of the community you want to serve, all at a lower cost.

Who qualifies as a Nonprofit?

According to Wikipedia "A nonprofit organization (abbreviated as NPO, also known as a not-for-profit organization) is an organization that does not distribute its surplus funds to owners or shareholders, but instead uses them to help pursue its goals."

A nonprofit organization can range in size from a mammoth operation with hundreds of employees to a one-person operation with a grand vision. wants to help the smaller nonprofits that often have a hard time financing their operations, and therefore have little left over for a proper Web site.

You could be a small local community organization that helps and encourages people to learn more skills for greater employability, work place advancement, and entrepreneurship.

Or you could be a modest religious, educational or sporting group that helps individuals develop the character traits and life skills necessary for success, whether it's spiritually, emotionally, physically or financially.

How do you get's help? offers help for nonprofits. Click here to apply for a is an act of social entrepreneurship and so uses entrepreneurial principles to bring about social change. What does this mean?

It means that we will help you build a Web presence that works like you're looking for customers to sell something to, because in fact you are. You have services you want to provide to the people in the community you serve.

An effective Web site will help your message get heard by your target clientele. This is completely in line with the commonly accepted idea of operating a nonprofit using good business principles.

To get a sponsorship, your organization does NOT have to be focused on entrepreneurship. Just helping folks improve their lot, in whatever way you do it, is good enough.

Key to the success of a sponsorship is the person who does the actual work on the Web site. In fact, when we sponsor a nonprofit, we're officially sponsoring the individual who will be doing the Web work, not the organization.

Start by identifying that driven, entrepreneur-minded personality in your nonprofit (maybe it's you!) who will have the time to build your Web site using all the tools and services we provide at no charge.

Then have that person fill out a sponsorship application form. It's that simple!

So are you ready to advance your cause?

Do you see how you can advance your organization's cause by having a Web site that really works and that you control yourself?

Click here if you're ready to apply for a sponsorship.

Sponsorship or Scholarship?

Sponsorship yes. Scholarship no. Here's the distinction.

A sponsorship is support given by a patron. Just as Puma sponsored Usain Bolt the sprinter before he was Olympic and World champion, we will back potential winners in online business.

A scholarship is financial aid that goes to a scholar because of academic merit. We don't look for or reward academic merit in a person. It's not a factor for us in selecting those we support.

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