About SiteSell.org And Its Mission
To Sponsor New Online Businesses

SiteSell.org is act of social entrepreneurship, defined by Wikipedia as "the work of a social entrepreneur. A social entrepreneur is someone who recognizes a social problem and uses entrepreneurial principles to organize, create, and manage a venture to make social change."

The "someone" referred to in the definition is SiteSell.com, which since 1997 has developed cutting-edge tools and services to help people develop successful online businesses.

The "social problem" in this case is the struggle by so many ordinary people worldwide to have a more abundant life or simply to make ends meet.

Having a successful business is one way of addressing the social problem.

With a proven record of helping people succeed at building and operating online businesses, SiteSell created SiteSell.org as a practical, concrete means of using entrepreneurial principles to make social change.

SiteSell Quick Facts

  • Founded in 1997, based in Montreal, Canada
  • Privately held & profitable since its inception
  • Creator of the SBI! Web business-building system
  • Publisher of small business resource e-books
  • Completely proprietary technology
  • 130,000+ affiliates and SBI! customers
  • Top 1500 Alexa.com ranking

Enhancing Quality of Life

Although SiteSell has a downtown Montreal executive office, nearly all of its 60+ personnel work from home (locations within Canada, USA, Europe, South Africa and South America), enhancing the quality of their family lives and cutting down on harmful emissions and the consumption of non-renewable energy.

More importantly, SiteSell's product, SBI!, has contributed to the creation of tens of thousands of home businesses, truly changing lives and bringing these same benefits to their owners and to the community at large.

Got questions?

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Sponsorship or Scholarship?

Sponsorship yes. Scholarship no. Here's the distinction.

A sponsorship is support given by a patron. Just as Puma sponsored Usain Bolt the sprinter before he was Olympic and World champion, we will back potential winners in online business.

A scholarship is financial aid that goes to a scholar because of academic merit. We don't look for or reward academic merit in a person. It's not a factor for us in selecting those we support.

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