Don't wait. The time will never be just right.
- Napoleon Hill (1883-1970)

Want to be a successful online business owner?
Need a helping hand to get you started?
Apply for a Sponsorship! is the philanthropic arm of We sponsor individuals (and registered nonprofit community organizations - see Help For Nonprofits) who can show us that they have the potential to turn entrepreneurial dreams into reality.

To make this happen, we've earmarked $1,000,000 for online business-building sponsorships. You could be one of the recipients!

We're sponsoring over 2,000 people (on their own or through community organizations) with SBI! products and services. Do YOU have what it takes to be one of them?

You have the potential to do it. To make your life better. A lot better. How do we know that?

SiteSell's Internet business success stories are all about "regular folks" who, with the right help, succeeded at finding the champion within.

They all created online businesses that gave them the purposeful and financially rewarding lives they always wanted.

Here's a small, but representative, sampling from the SiteSell collection of case studies. Click an image or name for a compelling, inspiring story, one that could someday be your story!

Click here to read about Amy Dykens' online business success story in a new window of your browser. Click here to read about Shaun Fawcett's online business success story in a new window of your browser. Click here to read about Birgit Bradtke's online business success story in a new window of your browser. Click here to read about Jim Nelson's online business success story in a new window of your browser.
Amy Dykens Shaun Fawcett Birgit Bradtke Jim Nelson

Everyone has untapped potential. Unleash yours with our help. Let us sponsor you for a year, maybe two, all totally free.

This is your chance to create a life of freedom and independence, while doing something you love. Interested? Read on, and get ready to take that first step - submitting your application.

The Internet Has Leveled The Playing Field

The Internet, used wisely and ethically, has the capacity to change lives profoundly. believes that anyone - YOU - can use it to create a personally fulfilling and economically stable future, to be master of your own destiny.

Owning your own web-based business (i.e., being an entrepreneur on the Net) is one of the best ways to achieve that result. And we want to help by empowering you to leverage the Internet's potential and achieve financial security on your own terms, at your own pace.

To do this, we're providing business-building sponsorships to individuals who demonstrate a need and willingness to set up and grow their very own profitable e-business.

Progressive Levels Of Support

The SiteSell New Business Sponsorship Program offers progressive levels of funding based first on the potential you show in your application, and then on your actual performance:

  • 1st Level. You will receive a one-year SBI! subscription package that will help you build the solid foundation required for any type of successful business on the Net.

The next level of financial assistance and hands-on business guidance goes to exceptional applicants who merit extra support to reach their goals...

  • 2nd Level. You will receive a second year of your SBI! subscription provided you meet specific performance objectives.

You might be wondering...

Do you need to put up any of your own money? In case you've missed the word "free" or perhaps you think this is some sort of trick to sell you something else more expensive, let's answer that right now. We provide all levels of sponsorship at no cost to applicants. You just have to show that you have the potential and then prove it.

How will we know if you're exceptional or not? Of course, we really only know when we see you building your business. But we can tell a lot from your application, so be thorough when you answer the questions. Remember, if you don't say it, we won't know it.

What Is A Sponsorship Worth?

Each level of sponsorship has a specific actual dollar amount attached to it, but the real overall value goes way beyond that. Using an analogy, if you were a swimmer with Olympic potential...

  • What would be the dollar value of training equipment provided at no cost to you by an interested sponsor? You could put a price tag on this.
  • What would it be worth to be rubbing shoulders with motivated winners, and getting training from the best in the world? Priceless, of course!

Here's a quick snapshot of the dollar value of each level of funding:

  • 1st Level. A one-year SBI! subscription sells for $299.
  • 2nd Level. The second year of SBI! sells for $299.

But what is it REALLY worth?

SiteSell has committed $1,000,000 to this New Business Sponsorship Program. Of course, the real worth is much more when you consider the value of associating with and being inspired and mentored by winners in the field of online business.

Owning your own successful business has intangible benefits too. It allows you to pursue different interests, learn new things, volunteer in your community (locally or globally), support special causes, take on creative or physical challenges, and so on.

It all begins with that first step...

We Can Help You Get Started!

Use the Internet to leverage your income-building potential, achieve your life goals, and follow your dreams.

We can help...

Out of the billions of dollars available for established businesses, precious little of that money is devoted to small business startups.

Traditional startups are typically considered high-risk by investors. Online businesses, however, represent a unique opportunity for new entrepreneurs to begin their enterprise, without the risk of high startup costs.

We believe that building your own online business is within your grasp, regardless of your background or level of technical knowledge. And if you have the need, desire and passion to build your own online business from scratch, we want to talk to you.

Click here to apply today.

As taught in over 30 Colleges and Universities!

Since 1997, SiteSell's flagship product, SBI! has created thousands of success stories across the Web. Each one of these triumphs has started with a small investment in SBI!, and a much larger investment in each individual's own personal growth.

SBI! is an all-in-one Web business-building platform that includes both the process and integrated tools to take your business idea from concept to completion. Don't have a business idea? That's fine...

SBI! also includes brainstorming and research tools that will help you choose an in-demand, monetizable niche e-business that reflects your interests/passions.

How To Qualify For A Sponsorship

Consider the following questions very carefully and then submit an application. We'll evaluate it and communicate our final decision to you within 10 business days. Take your time. It determines the outcome.

1. How serious are you about having an online business?

Wanting to change your life for the better - and actually doing it - means setting goals and taking action. Often it means changing habits you've grown comfortable with.

Dr. Joe Dispenza, author of Evolve Your Brain - The Science of Changing Your Mind, says, "The greatest habit to break is the habit of being ourselves."

Breaking out of the routine and changing your life with a sponsorship means using SBI! to build your business. Consider this carefully when you apply.

2. How will you deal with life's pressures?

Building an online business successfully means you need to keep working on it, no matter how many distractions, big or small, come up in your daily life.

For example, constant financial or relationship problems can drain your resources and your attention, and derail your new business efforts. How do you keep such worries at bay, and stay focused on your goals?

3. How much time can you make available?

Everyone is busy these days. Day-to-day responsibilities of work and home swallow up much of our free time. But starting your own business takes time.

Sometimes it will be necessary to make the time to put into your new enterprise. It may be uncomfortable, but in the end, this is an INVESTMENT in your future.

Making time for your new business won't always be convenient. But your investment in time and energy now will pay big dividends down the line. It's a worthy pursuit.

In a nutshell...

All the biggest SBI! success stories were created by self-starters - resourceful people able to work independently and motivate themselves every day. They all had that internal "something" that kept them moving forward. In our dynamic, shorthand way, we call that something "BAM"...

B = Brain (existing or developed know-how, not "brainy")
A = Attitude (an unwavering positive "can-do" approach)
M = Motivation (an unquenchable "fire in the belly" desire)

Every small business owner will face occasional dips and plateaus. The most successful will counter setbacks with positive action bolstered by a number of qualities ranging from being able to focus to assuming responsibility to being self-aware.

Are you ready to reveal your qualities to us and begin your own success story? Apply now.

Sponsorship or Scholarship?

Sponsorship yes. Scholarship no. Here's the distinction.

A sponsorship is support given by a patron. Just as Puma sponsored Usain Bolt the sprinter before he was Olympic and World champion, we will back potential winners in online business.

A scholarship is financial aid that goes to a scholar because of academic merit. We don't look for or reward academic merit in a person. It's not a factor for us in selecting those we support.

Supporting Partners

Sponsoring new online businesses is a initiative in collaboration with like-minded partners.

Do you represent an organization that sponsors entrepreneurship in a way that complements

Do you see a collaboration where together we can help even more people realize their dreams of having their own businesses?

Let's move your ideas forward.
Click here to contact us.

Help For Nonprofits sponsors individuals, but it doesn't stop there.

We also sponsor nonprofit community organizations that help people acquire the skills they need to improve their lot in life.

Do you see how you can advance your cause by having a Web site that really works and that you control yourself?

See the Help For Nonprofits section for details.

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